Commun Marks First Month Anniversary with Explosive User Growth and Activity


Interest-based self-managed communities attracted 4500 users to the social network on blockchain launched late December 2019

Commun users active on a platform launched late last December published 12,000 posts, wrote 3,316 comments, got 87,000 likes, and 19 million points of rewards, the Web3 technologies-based platform has announced today. The last count shows that in under a month this blockchain-based decentralized social media resource has gained 4,500 monthly active users.

“Commun proves the demand for the social media platforms that empower users instead of “using and abusing” them,” said Commun CEO Marina Guryeva. “We strongly believe that users know better how to govern and manage the communities they belong to, how to grow these communities both in terms of quantity and quality of content and of members. The users deserve to be rewarded in a transparent way for their contributions and be able to monetize their activities on a platform.”

On average, Commun enjoys 180-250 unique daily visitors and awards 500,000 points daily. Commun points could be used to vote for content within the communities and, in the near future, to pay for different community offerings. They can also be converted into Commun tokens (CMN) via Bonding Curve mechanism. This algorithm assures token continual liquidity. Unlike other platforms, each community on Commun has its own unique token.

In just four weeks the project took off nicely proving the interest from different groups. The top-5 communities on the platform in terms of subscribers are Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Art, Food, Ask Commun; in terms of posts published – Art, Food, Travel, Cats, Animals.

Currently Commun already has 48 community leaders, elected by users via voting. “It is especially encouraging to see these communities selecting their own leaders using the fair and transparent process we have created,” notes Ms. Guryeva.

“Commun is the easiest way for non-crypto people to get acquainted with the cryptocurrency concept and learn how they could benefit from this economic tool,” she adds. “As for the crypto folks, especially for the teams working on different blockchain protocols, Commun is the best way to engage with different stakeholders, let them monetize their discussions about protocol features or its implementation, and let them build awareness about new products across a wider audience.”


Commun is the first Web3 social network to launch since interest in the technology was piqued following an outcry over censorship, de-platforming, and data-selling by social media giants. As a decentralized network built atop a blockchain layer, Commun places control in the hands of its users, disintermediating the means for its architects to censor content or freeze funds.

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