Immersive Online Movie Experience to Utilize DOGE Coin Cryptocurrency to Encourage Viewer Engagement


Immersive Online Movie Experience to Utilize Dogecoin Cryptocurrency to Encourage Viewer Engagement
– Use of Dogecoins in Interactive Film Aims to Educate GenZ About Cryptocurrency –

BOULDER, Colo., October 9, 2020 – An immersive movie experience based on the viral Reddit story “I Dared My Best Friend to Ruin My Life – He’s Succeeding” ( is adding Dogecoin cryptocurrency to the cinematic experience as a way to engage viewers. Launching October 7, the nine-episode storyline by Alternate Reality Cinema company This is Definitely Real ( is using 1,000,000 Dogecoins as rewards for interacting with specific aspects of the film.

Gaining momentum as the result of a viral TikTok challenge, the use of Dogecoin in this revolutionary film experience is a way to engage Generation Z – the most likely of audiences to actively participate versus passively watching. Playing out on social media over two weeks, Dogecoins will reward viewers for completing tasks including:

· Collecting 1,000 spiders
· Sharing the first episode with a #hashtag
· Finding Mia
· First to decrypt a hard drive
· First to complete all Team Zander missions
· Get a celebrity to tweet at you
· Get Zander a TV appearance
· Get Zander on a YouTube show
· Get Zander an article
· Get a certain number of likes on an anti-David meme
· Get on the front page of Reddit
· Get a post in the top 10 of r/fuckdavidking

This is Definitely Real views the Dogecoin incentive as a benefit for the crypto space by engaging a fresh, young audience with the currency. Much like the purpose of the “Dared My Best Friend” film, viral content increases the exposure exponentially – evident when Dogecoin increased 683 percent in value following its most recent TikTok mention.

Produced and directed by San Francisco-based filmmaker, technologist, and culture hacker

Michael Morgenstern, “Dared My Best Friend” is an interactive film experience with viewers participating by commenting, solving clues, and experiencing the storyline as if it’s happening in real life. The addition of Dogecoins is expected to further incentivize viewers to actively participate.

“Dogecoin is a very active digital coin group at the moment, and we’re confident this will be a popular element of the film experience,” said Morgenstern. “While 1,000,000 Dogecoins doesn’t equate to an exorbitant amount of money, it’s a fun incentive that will have a profound effect on the outcome and level of active participation.”
Interested viewers can experience this nine-episode series, today at