Introducing CoinBurp: revolutionising the way people buy and sell cryptocurrency


Since June 2019, CoinBurp have established themselves as a uniquely user-friendly trading platform that’s revolutionising the way people buy and sell cryptocurrency.

CoinBurp’s CEO and co-founder, Peter Wood, is a dynamic individual with an inspiring backstory. With a passion for IT rather than a traditional banking background, Peter believes that cryptocurrency investment will bring huge opportunities to the wider public, offering fresh opportunities to weary investors, concerned that the old systems are not delivering.

Peter Wood’s business career started in 2014 with the BitBroker, offering people the opportunity to make the most of cryptocurrency. BitBroker is a brokerage website specialising in selling cryptocurrency in the UK via LocalBitcoins, Peter quickly became a leader in the crypto space, having turned over £100m in 2018.

Peter then saw a gap in the market for a platform which facilitates cryptocurrency transactions which is extremely simple, easy to use, and tailored to the general public as opposed to finance specialists, wealth managers and stockbrokers.

CoinBurp was thus launched in June 2019 and is quickly becoming the go-to trading platform for those looking to invest in cryptocurrency, but do not necessarily have a technical or financial background.