Svandis incorporates blockchain and big data in a global research platform


Blockchain and big data have great potential to significantly influence business processes and our everyday lives. However, innovative solutions can’t change the world if they are built and used within silos. A systemic vision needs to be developed in order to transform the way the relationship between crypto space participants is structured.

In a digital ecosystem, big data is a natural and renewable resource. The focus of Svandis is to develop tools to understand and recognize the potential of this resource for participants of the crypto market. Svandis ecosystem and technology concentrates on way to gather relevant and valid data, while simultaneously extracting immediate value.

Svandis has developed a crawling application – DataMining app – that will allow vast amounts of information to be mined from the Internet, websites and social media that will feed the multiple features offered on the Svandis platform: screeners, machine-learning newsfeed, charts, Catalyst Analysis, heatmaps, indices and more.

Creating Value Through Partnerships

The same data can be used in a lot of different ways. By offering data-as-a-service via Svandis Marketplace, our target is to define an efficient way to advance the services offered to professionals through the development of partnerships that will create new and improved products with the accumulated information. These include data creators and aggregators, as well as crypto traders and investors. Businesses and third parties could use this information for their own internal needs or offer various services to their clients based on this data, including but not limited to indicators, analyses, misinformation detection services, etc. As a result, big data will allow Svandis Marketplace to become a research and utility hub for all participants of the crypto environment. Forming partnerships with parties interested in taking advantage of this exclusive database rich with reliable data will significantly add to the success of the whole industry.

About Svandis

Svandis ecosystem is a collection of tools, analytics and indicators for professionals in need of real-time, actionable data and analyses. Svandis community and automatic data feeds facilitate rapid collection of verifiable data and information through a tokenized incentive system.

Beginners will find it straightforward, professional traders will find it comprehensive. Svandis provides users with a greater understanding of market conditions and trends, as well as a platform for the evaluation of fundamentals behind digital and cryptoasset initiatives such as token sales. Svandis aggregates data from a variety of sources transforming data into reliable and actionable information for professional traders.

Svandis platform provides leading financial research, analytical and visualisation tools for anyone actively involved in the space: short-term and swing traders, traditional holders, analysts, hedge funds, institutional investors, proprietary trading firms, venture capital funds, token sale contributors, and exchanges.