Switch.ag is a new kind of token exchange. Switch not only gives users the ability to seamlessly “switch” between other assets, but you can buy gift cards, donate to non profits, gamble & more.

As an extension of the Switch brand, the team recently released SwitchDex.ag, a fully decentralized exchange that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

The release of SwitchDex has seen support among many prominent people in the crypto space, including John McAfee. In a recently release video John said, “the most amazing decentralized exchange in terms of speed and utility is SwitchDex”.

The CEO of Switch, Josh Case said, “We want to have the lowest fees, and the best trading environment on SwitchDex. We are really “pro trader”, and want to develop the tools, and features traders need to be successful.”

There are no fees to list a token on SwithDex, no restrictions on trading limits, no restrictions on jurisdictions, and no user information is collected.

SwitchDex charges a .2% taker fee. There are no other platform fees.

SwitchDex offers users a one time flat fee amount to remove this platform fee forever. From April 1st through April 30th this fee is $20. This fee will increase $10 monthly, and will top out at $100 in December 2019.

100% of all fees collected by SwitchDex (trading fees + whitelist fees) are airdropped to ESH & SDEX token holders.

* 50% are airdropped to ESH holders, the native token of Switch.ag
* 50% are airdropped to SDEX holders, the native token of SwitchDex.ag

For more information about Switch and SwitchDex you can visit or websites or email us at contact@switch.ag