United Nations launches chocolate bar that has a blockchain-powered token – to tackle poverty and encourage equitable trade


The UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) has partnered with non-governmental organisation, the Fairchain Foundation, for the launch of The Other Bar, a chocolate bar that challenges consumers to take direct action against poverty. 


Launched online, this experiment pilots a new way of doing business with developing-world producers, who typically get a raw deal from western corporations, thanks to a QR-code token, that has real value, in every pack. Once scanned this blockchain-powered token is equivalent to a quarter of a cocoa-producing tree. So for every four bars bought, a farmer can grow more, earn more and feed his family thanks to a fairer system.


Farmers only get 3% of the value of the cocoa used to make the chocolate sold in shops, which leads to the majority of cocoa farmers not earning living incomes.  The Other Bar ensures farmers are paid prices that meet real income needs – and they receive it faster using the crypto-tokens. 


Guido van Staveren, founder of the FairChain Foundation, who conceived the idea and developed the technology behind The Other Bar tokens, concludes: “Global brands spend more than £500/$647 billion a year on marketing. We only need £140/$181 billion to end global poverty. So how cool would it be if manufacturers invested some of their marketing cash on positive impact?  We believe this is what consumers want.”


Available in milk or dark chocolate, The Other Bar is made from pure, organic Ecuadorian cocoa – the best in the world. Each pack contains two 50g bars. A limited edition 20,000 first run of The Other Bar, priced at £2.99/$2.99, is on sale online at www.theother.bar.  


Follow the campaign on Instagram @tob.equal or sign up for more information at www.theother.bar.


About The FairChain Foundation

The Fairchain Foundation uses cutting-edge technology to facilitate inclusive business models and shared value chains with positive outcomes. A new mindset is needed to rethink economics and tackle the 21st century challenges of (re)distribution of wealth and honouring our planetary boundaries.


About United Nations Development Programme

UNDP builds on its existing assets—worldwide presence, thought leadership, and over 50 years of experience—to help countries and communities respond to a fast-changing development landscape. We are creating new solutions, building collaboration platforms, and sparking new partnerships and instruments for development. These innovations are disrupting the way the organization thinks, invests, manages, and delivers—so we can perform faster and better than ever to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

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