World’s First Commercial Real Estate DeFi DAO Launches Testnet

83 announces incentivized testnet Auction simulation launching on August 6, rewarding testers of new Commercial Real Estate Protocol

Silicon Valley, August 6, 2020 –, a decentralized financial (DeFi) and property technology (PropTech) based on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) utilizing the blockchain for a fund of funds syndication economy while providing uncorrelated returns, unlimited diversification, and infinite liquidity, announced the launch of an incentivized testnet for August 6, 2020. The testnet includes a Simulated Auction which will highlight the world’s first patent-pending multilayer decentralized finance solution that helps to increase the company’s valuation daily while preventing a value decrease, regardless of market volatility or any manipulation. The decentralized syndication economy system can be applied to a multitude of industries, including insurance, loans, venture capital, and many more. Jointer’s first use case is Commercial Real Estate, creating the World’s first Commercial Real Estate DeFi platform.

Alon Goren, the founder of Draper Goren Holm and early investor of Jointer stated, “The enthusiastic and creative work of the Jointer team will usher in a new age of Commercial Real Estate investment and decentralized finance. We have seen what DeFi can do, now Jointer, an industry leader, brings DeFi to the most lucrative asset class in the world.“ is offering 100 JNTR to join the simulated auction with test Ethereum. The simulated auction replicates the mainnet, daily Jointer Auction, that when live, will syndicate funds from investors on a daily basis using a Game Theoretic Model where the investor’s total benefit depends on both their individual performance and a common group investment goal. The individual and group benefit creates unique symmetric equilibrium amongst investors.

Here are some rules on the incentivized testnet Auction simulation:
Jointer’s Auction simulation will complete a daily Auction every few minutes (instead of every24 hours as planned once live on the mainnet). Starting August 6, Jointer will run an equivalent of 672 mainnet Auction days, giving investors ample data on how the decentralized protocol layers increase the value over time. At the end of the testing the auction will go live.
Users that participate in the incentivized testnet Auction simulation will receive 100 JNTR to their participating testnet wallet. At the end of the simulation, the users will be able to see the potential value of the 100 JNTR.
The incentivized testnet Auction simulation accepts testnet Ethereum and runs on the Ropsten network.

Yoda Regev, Jointer’s CEO, excitedly remarked on the incentivized testnet Auction simulation, “We wanted to allow the community to see firsthand what we built over the previous two years. There is a public misconception that modern solutions such as tokenization can help syndicate funds to purchase new assets or unlock equity by selling a fraction of ownership or an income stream to the crowd. We investigated these solutions to determine their viability and benefits but also to understand their shortcomings. Now we can let users see through 672 simulated Auction days how the decentralized finance mechanics work and how their assets may perform since the financial engineering will stay the same in the mainnet. Based on our own simulations, we predict that the 1 JNTR on the mainnet will be worth approximately $2 to -$10 after year one.”

For more information, visit the Jointer website which currently has the Auction testnet live to allow users to test before August 6.

About Jointer is a decentralized financial (DeFi) and property technology (PropTech) based on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with a combined $400B+ market cap worth of team experience remotely based in Silicon Valley, CA and Tel Aviv, Israel. Jointer is a multi-award winning company, including a $1,000,000 “Best Startup in the World” prize in 2018 during a worldwide competition between 4,000 startups and 196 countries, winner of the Disruptive Startup Award at Stanford University in 2019 by a panel of Google, SoftBank, Bain Capital, Thomson Reuters, Stanford Angels, BMW, Andreessen, NEA, and other top VC Funds, first place for the Disruptor Daily “Blockchain in Real Estate” Disruptor Award, and the most promising venture from the Carnegie Mellon University US-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association. For more information, visit